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Reducing Risk and Delivering Insights through Cyber Asset Management

Discover how we're partnering with Rumble to empower organizations with complete visibility of their attack surface.

Cybersecurity asset discovery and management is a critical building block for any security program.

Asset management is the first control in the CIS controls framework and is foundational to organizations looking to implement a zero-trust strategy.

As new assets and devices come online, organizations need to employ solutions that provide greater context to the ever-changing nature of today’s digital infrastructure. Is your organization prepared with the complete cyber asset coverage needed for today’s threat landscape?

Download our webinar with Rumble to learn:

  • How organizations are lowering cyber risk by build a robust cyber asset management program

  • Why most companies struggle to build a comprehensive asset inventory, especially when it comes to unmanaged and rogue devices, and what can be done to overcome it

  • See firsthand how the partnership between Noetic and Rumble gives security teams an unprecedented view of all assets in the organization, plus the ability to map the critical cyber relationships between them
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Huxley Barbee, Director of Product Marketing, Rumble Network Discovery
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Chris Neely, Director of Sales Engineering, Noetic Cyber